Wines That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

2017 The Dark Horse Premium Reserve Shiraz

This Premium Reserve Shiraz is only produced in exceptional growing years. The 2017 vintage was definitely one of Ivanhoe's best. Connoisseurs will appreciate the rich palate with balanced tannin on the finish. Maturation in high-quality French Oak has added to the strength and character of this wine

Best enjoyed over a romantic candlelit dinner

Food pairing suggestion:

  • Wagyu Beef with red wine jus
  • Any high-quality steak

2018 Shiraz

Our traditional Hunter Valley Shiraz. Full bodied with pepper and spice. A rich, full mouthfeel makes this wine perfect to enjoy alone or with food.

Best enjoyed by the fire pit with good company

Food pairing suggestions:

  • Steak
  • Hearty winter stews
  • Slow cooked meats

Perfect For A Winter Nightcap

Aged Liqueur Verdelho

This 10-year-old liqueur Verdelho is liquid gold. Driven with caramel, hazelnut and orange flavours across the palate. Makes for a wonderful savoury nightcap.

Food pairing suggestion:

  • Dried fruits and cheeses

Sir Lancelot Tawny

Classic and traditional style tawny with rich dates and raisins dominating the palate. Aged for 10+ years in oak, this tawny is silky smooth and perfect as a nightcap.

Food pairing suggestions:

  • Just 1 or 2 pieces of dark chocolate
  • Dried fruits and cheeses
If you'd like to taste any of our wines, come see us at our Hunter Valley cellar door for a wine tasting masterclass or visit our online wine shop