Wine Wisdom

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Wine Wisdom Episode 1

Apr 2, 2020

Join Tracy Drayton as she shares some insights on what to look out for when tasting (and drinking) wine. We […]

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Wine Wisdom Episode 2

Apr 3, 2020

In this episode of Wine Wisdom, Lewis Drayton gives us a summary of his favourite Ivanhoe red; our smooth, easy-drinking […]

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Wine Wisdom Episode 3

Apr 4, 2020

Tracy shares with us tasting notes on a personal favourite and Hunter Valley sweetheart—our 2019 Semillon. Enjoy this wine with […]

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Wine Wisdom Episode 4

Apr 5, 2020

In Lewis’ glass today is our 2018 Jester Shiraz. This easy-drinking, “bottle full of fun”, is best consumed alongside a […]

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Wine Wisdom Episode 5

Apr 6, 2020

Fifth-generation winemaker, Stephen Drayton, together with his wife, Tracy, have been running Ivanhoe wines since 1996. With all that history, […]

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