Ivanhoe Wines | Hunter Valley NSW

The Heritage

It was 1855 when the first vines were planted in the rich volcanic soil of the steep slopes of Ivanhoe Hill.

Stretching across the foothills of the majestic Brokenback Mountain range, the Ivanhoe Estate is a patchwork quilt of vineyards and has become one of the most photographed and talked about vineyards in the Hunter Valley.


Owned and operated by Stephen and Tracy Drayton since 1996, the Ivanhoe Estate continues to produce premium Hunter wines and is renowned for its gutsy reds and great whites. A fifth-generation member of the famous winemaking Drayton family, Stephen brought the historic Ivanhoe vineyard to life with his own style and passion.

Hunter Winemakers | Ivanhoe Wines

The Passion

Keeping the Ivanhoe Estate abundant with some of the Hunter’s best varietal wines is Stephen and Tracy’s dedication. They take immense pleasure in their work and their love for both people and wines is the driving force behind the organisation. While it takes a great amount of time and effort to run a vineyard, for Stephen and Tracy it means much more than work, it is their life and passion.