Have you ever wondered if there's a difference between buying a bottle of wine from your local big box retailer and visiting a beautiful, family-owned winery in the Hunter Valley?

In this episode of the Wine Matters podcast, Wendy Laureti, owner of Saddler's Creek Wines, chats with Lewis Drayton over a glass of Ivanhoe’s 2022 Chambourcin-Shiraz. Lewis shares his insights on why exploring boutique cellar doors can enhance your wine experience.

Learning from the source

Cellar door visits are more than just about buying wine.  They provide an opportunity to learn about the winemaking process and the unique characteristics of different grape varietals.

Cellar doors are an opportunity to learn directly from the winemakers themselves. Lewis highlighted the personal touch that comes with each bottle purchased from a cellar door—how each bottle not only carries the flavour of the land but also the spirit and dedication of the family behind it. This connection deepens as visitors experience the picturesque setting of our vineyard, where the backdrop of our estate adds a visual feast to the sensory delight of wine tasting.

At Ivanhoe, we don't just sell wine; we offer an immersive experience where every visitor gets to understand and appreciate the journey from grape to glass. The personalised approach in our cellar door extends to how we educate our guests about the winemaking process, making each sip a story worth savouring.

Supporting a community

When you choose to buy your wine directly from a cellar door like Ivanhoe Wines, you're doing more than just purchasing a bottle—you're actively supporting the Hunter Valley region and the families that are its heartbeat. 

Each purchase helps sustain the local economy and contributes to the livelihood of family-run estates that have shaped the area's cultural and agricultural landscape. By spending locally, you ensure that these families can continue their traditions of viticulture and winemaking, fostering community growth and maintaining the unique charm of the Hunter Valley. 

A family legacy in every bottle

As a sixth generation member of the famous Drayton Winemaking Family, Lewis's roots are deeply embedded in the soil of Hunter Valley, reflecting a rich heritage of 171 years of winemaking. Lewis fondly refers to his family's enduring presence in the wine industry as a "dynasty." This rich history is poured into every bottle, creating a unique connection between the wine and the land.

The name "Ivanhoe" has an enchanting origin steeped in literary inspiration and historical significance. The estate was originally named by its first owners, who were passionate about Sir Walter Scott's writings, particularly his novel "Ivanhoe," which portrayed the romantic adventures of a noble knight. Inspired by the themes of chivalry and romance in Scott’s work, the name was chosen to evoke a sense of nobility and timelessness that perfectly complements the vineyard’s pursuit of winemaking excellence. 

This historical touch not only highlights the winery’s rich past but also its dedication to creating wines with character and depth.

Collaboration over competition

Lewis passionately discussed the collaborative spirit within the Hunter Valley, emphasising how this camaraderie among wineries enhances the overall experience for every visitor. At Ivanhoe, we pride ourselves on this community spirit, ensuring that a visit to our cellar door extends beyond wine tasting—it's about becoming part of a larger story.

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