Christmas is sneaking up on us, and at Ivanhoe Wines, we're already in the festive spirit, ready to help you pick out the perfect wine gifts. If you're on the hunt for something distinctive and heartfelt that your clients, employees or loved ones will truly savour, then look no further than our personalised, engraved wine bottles.

Here at Ivanhoe Wines, we're not just your average Hunter Valley winery; we're a passionate family-owned establishment. Crafting premium wines is the Drayton family’s bread and butter, and we've got something special up our sleeves – the art of wine bottle engraving. You can trust us to make your gift stand out in style and truly make it your own. We offer you the flexibility to either upload your own custom artwork, create a unique design, or infuse a personal touch by adding a custom message. And for those who need a quick solution, we also have a selection of pre-engraved bottles ready for your special occasion.

Why choose personalised wine bottles, you ask? Well, dear wine enthusiasts, it's the ultimate way to express your gratitude to those you collaborate with. But it's not just about appreciation; it's about branding, too. Picture this: your logo and tagline etched elegantly onto a bottle, a lasting reminder of your company every time they sip our exquisite wines.

We also offer a range of wine bottle sizes and styles to cater for any occasion. To top it off, we've got an array of wine accessories and gift boxes to complement your choice perfectly.

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Here are some ingenious ideas for incorporating our personalised wine bottles into your corporate gifting strategy:

  • Clients: Show your clients you cherish their business by gifting them a bottle adorned with their name or a special message.
  • Employees: Reward your hardworking team with a token of your appreciation; a personalised wine bottle tells them you notice and care.
  • Business Partners: Celebrate successful collaborations with a custom-engraved bottle, sealing the deal with style.
  • Promotion: Boost your brand presence at trade shows and events with these striking promotional items.
  • Christmas Baskets: Elevate your holiday gift baskets by including our bespoke bottles, spreading joy and cheer in every sip.

And let's not forget your family and friends—the cherished people who add warmth and love to your life. Our personalised wine bottles make ideal gifts for them too! Whether it's a bottle etched with a heartfelt message for your parents, a custom design to celebrate a friend's milestone birthday, or a wine bottle adorned with your family crest for that special holiday gathering, we've got you covered.

No matter the occasion, an Ivanhoe Wines' engraved wine bottle is bound to be a smash hit, leaving a lasting impression that lingers like the notes in our finest vintages.

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of selecting the ideal wine gift:

  1. Consider Their Palate: Know their wine preference? Whether it's the robust reds or the crisp whites, our extensive range has you covered. Unsure? Why not mix it up and let them explore something new and delightful? Our Chambourcin and Sparkling Maiden are always a delightful surprise. 
  2. Tailor to the Occasion: Match the wine to the moment. For grand occasions like retirements or promotions, our premium wines shine. For simpler gestures of gratitude or expressions of love, our more affordable options are a great choice.
  3. Add a Personal Touch: Personalisation is key. A custom wine bottle with their name, a heartfelt message, or a company logo takes the gift to a whole new level of thoughtfulness.

So, don your holiday hat and make your list because the clock is ticking. Order your personalised wine bottles from Ivanhoe Wines today! 

You can embark on this delightful journey by visiting our website to peruse our wine selection and engraving options. Ordering is a breeze online or via phone (02 4998 7325), ensuring that your corporate and personal gifts will be as hassle-free as sipping a glass of our finest vintage.

With the holiday season just around the bend, seize the moment to select a unique and heartfelt gift from Ivanhoe Wines. Your clients, employees, business partners, family, and friends will raise their glasses to your impeccable taste and thoughtfulness.

We also offer special pricing for large orders. Quotes are available by emailing

Cheers to a season of giving and receiving with style!