Cellar Door Frequently Asked Questions

We get a LOT of curious questions from our cellar door visitors and we are more than happy to answer them all! Here are just a few of the most frequently asked.

How old are the Ivanhoe grape vines?

10-70yrs old

Why are there rose bushes at the end of the vines?

The roses help us detect disease before it enters the vineyard. The roses will be affected by the diseases before the vines which means are able to prevent the diseases from affecting the grapes and ruining the wine.

How often do you harvest the fruit?

Once a year. Harvest usually starts from the end of January and finishes around the end of March-mid April. Harvesting takes place by either machine or hand and can be conducted in the middle of the night or during the day.

How long can you cellar a wine for?

Cellaring duration depends on the variety of wine and also the quality of the vintage the wine comes from. A cellaring guide for different varieties is below.

  • Semillon= 3-10yrs
  • Verdelho=6-8yrs
  • Chardonnay= 3-10yrs
  • Chambourcin= 2-4yrs
  • Shiraz= 8-15yrs
  • Cabernet Sauvignon= 8-15yrs

Do you sell Ivanhoe wine in bottle shops?

No, cellar door sales only with the addition of our website and membership base. Makes wine access more exclusive and means you have the Ivanhoe Experience when tasting the wines. Guided by your own wine host, we are sure to help you find a wine you'll love.